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Friday, August 24, 2012

Toothpaste…. Stronger than Hairspray

I always thought that hairspray was the toughest thing around. It gets stuck to everything and takes some pretty good muscle grease to get it off. Of course, the removal of hairspray only comes after using every chemical in your cleaning cabinet. Well, my children have introduced me to something even more stubborn. TOOTHPASTE; Spongebob toothpaste to be specific…

First of all… I’ll never understand how two boys can make such a mess out of one tube of toothpaste. Can the directions get any easier? Hold and squeeze onto the toothbrush; that’s it… My children have turned their tube of toothpaste into the ketchup bottle, which I clean off on a daily basis. On busy days the ketchup bottle might get a couple cleanings because of the over abundance of use it received that day. Regardless, I’ve never got on the boys behinds about leaving a mess after using the ketchup, because I just tossed it up to the fact that “they are boys.” Well, this morning I realized the reason for their messiness is NOT just because “they are boys,” it’s simply that they are lazy. BEYOND LAZY!!!

This morning, I went upstairs after both boys had rushed out the door to meet their respective school buses. I went into the bathroom to do some laundry (yes, my washer and dryer are on the 2nd floor; in my bathroom) and accidentally glanced at the sink. What a mistake!!! At first I was stunned that my boys had actually brushed their teeth BEFORE school. This is a major victory in itself. My excitement didn’t last very long, however. Upon further investigation, I determined that they didn’t brush their teeth, they brushed the sink!

The blue glue was smeared all over the sink itself and the poor toothpaste container was covered from top to bottom with the sticky mess. After a long sigh and a roll of the eyes, I began to “try” to clean the mess. Little did I know it was going to take 3 different cleaning products to remove all the toothpaste from the sink. As for the tube of toothpaste itself; forget it. I threw it right in the garbage. There was no way to save what was left nor did I want to do so.

So, in conclusion, mothers beware of the blue glue they market as “toothpaste.” It is tougher than Aqua Rock and it is bound to give you a headache as you engage in the tedious task of removing the junk from your porcelain.

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